Bowl of lentils for Intermittent Fasting and its Advantages

Intermittent Fasting And Its Advantages

How Intermittent Fasting Works and Which Advantages It Has

Hollywood’s hottest diet besides the vegan diet is the intermittent fasting. More and more celebrities are going vegan, trying the intermittent fasting or even better combining those two diets! For a good reason. But before we go into the details, let’s start with the basic question ‘what is intermittent fasting’?

What is Intermittent Fasting?

Intermittent Fasting is a special way of fasting, which prescribes a specific eating rhythm. It’s rather a lifestyle or more like a long-term eating habit than a classic diet. The aim of this fasting is primarily to get a better feeling of your wellness and to counteract the age-related diseases. Although it’s not the fastest way of weight loss, it is weight loss with a much lower risk of a yo-yo effect! According to the scientists, this diet shall even lead to a longer life.

How does intermittent Fasting work?

There are daily fasting periods. In the fasting period of 16 hours, you should drink lots of water and unsweetened tea– or even better: unsweetened, alkaline tea sorts.

In the other timeframe of 8 hours, you are allowed to eat. If you want to intensify this diet you can choose to fast 18 hours and eat 6 hours or even less. But I wouldn’t recommend to go crazy with cutting the eating period, unless you’re very experienced in that topic and know your body very well. In those 6 or 8 hours, you should eat healthy and with as less sugar as possible. The intermittent fasting doesn’t require a specific time, you can set those eating and fasting periods as it suits best for you.

Here’s an example how that fasting schedule can look like:


What are the Advances?

There are many positive impacts of the Intermittent Fasting. Below is an overview of the most frequently mentioned advances:

  • a much better well-being
  • better physical and mental performance
  • healthy and lasting weight loss
  • regulation of cholesterol and blood sugar level
  • protection of the nervous system
  • prevention of age-related diseases

It is also mentioned relatively frequently that it prolongs life. During this diet the organs are less stressed, maybe that’s one reason why it leads to a longer life? It really caught my interest and I will try it out. As soon as I notice any change process through this diet I’ll let you know in the comments 🙂

Do you have any experiences with Intermittent Fasting? If yes, please share it in the comments- I’m excited!

, Mila


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