Great Booty Workout For Beginner – No Equipment

Hey loves, as you might have seen already I recently uploaded my first Booty Workout video on YouTube! Since it was often times requested, I thought ‘why not?’ and here we are šŸ™‚

A complete Booty Workout for beginner at home

There are many workout videos on YouTube but I couldn’t find any complete booty workout for beginners which you can do at home. So I decided to start with a no equipment workout for beginners. Here it is:

Always focus on your glutes while doing each exercise! And quality over quantity- it’s important that you do each exercise correctly.

If you’re a beginner you can do this workout 4-6 times a week and add it to your workout routine. As soon as it becomes easy, you can do the whole workout two times without a break in between. Also you can add weights to your ankles!

I will upload more workout videos every week, so stay tuned! 惄
My YouTube channel will have a little change: Not only lookbooks anymore, but Fitness and a little bit of travel too!

Let me know how you’ve liked the booty workout in the comment section below!
What are your favorite exercises for the butt? How’s your workout routine like? Curiousss!! šŸ™‚

ā™”, Mila


Note: If you feel pain during the workout stop doing it and contact your doctor if needed. I’m not responsible for any kind of injuries. This video is just as an example. Make sure you do the exercises correctly, if needed inform about each exercise beforehand.


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  1. Yesterday I’ve done this workout and today all I can say is ‘I can’t walk and sit anymore!’ LMAO!! My muscles are so sore šŸ˜€ I loved it and thought to leave a comment and say THANK YOU! šŸ™‚ Please upload more home workout videos! I love your style- no talk, straight to the point and most importantly: VERY EFFECTIVE!! Thank you Mila! <3

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