Attract what you expect,
reflect what you desire,
become what you respect,
mirror what you admire.

Roughly summarized:
I’m a passionate visionary, tech-lover, entrepreneur-minded to the core, addicted to fitness and a nature and animal lover (yes, vegan).
I like to read about investments, science, psychology, inspiring biographies, stories of companies, self-improvement, health and medicine, fitness, law of attraction, the list doesn’t really have an end… because I’m very hungry to learn by nature. I like to have deep conversations, discussions, and listen to other viewpoints. Yet, I’m not a nerd haha- I still love to laugh and have a black humor. I also love to travel (who doesn’t, right!?) aaand fashion- have you seen my YouTube channel already? 🙂
I’m trying to improve myself day by day in almost every area of my life. Sometimes I fail, sometimes I succeed- but I enjoy doing both! Success without failure isn’t fun. I need challenges and sometimes adrenaline.

In this blog I’m writing about 3 areas of my interest points, which are fitness, travel and lifestyle.
I’ve been in many amazing places on this earth and there are even more on my bucket list. So far, I think I can give you some quiet good tips and tricks regarding travel and show you beautiful insider spots 🙂
Fitness and a healthy lifestyle are very important to me. I want to inform, inspire, spread positive energy and motivate you!
In the category ‘lifestyle’ I’m writing everything about fashion, beauty, nutrition and sometimes just about my thoughts.

On my YouTube channel you can see me in action showing you different outfits, beautiful places and great workouts! Uploading at least once a week!
On Instagram you can see even more! Q&A sessions during live Instastories as well 🙂 Posting daily!
On Twitter I mostly share thoughts, things I read about and some more pictures 🙂 Posting a few times a week!
On Facebook same but different 😉 Posting also a few times a week!

My aim with this blog is to have a positive impact on people’s lives, so you might find good information and inspiration somewhere in the articles 🙂

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