5 Min Curvier, Wider Hips Workout – No Equipment

Curvier and wider hips in just 5 minutes of workout a day? Sounds like a dream, but is absolutely achievable! I created a workout with the best exercises for you to get curvier and wider hips. If you do this regularly you’re going to notice how your body shape changes in a very positive way šŸ™‚ The best thing about that exercise? You can do it everywhere cause it doesn’t require any equipment aaand everyday- there’s no excuse for just 5 minutes a day. The combination of the exercises is targeting intensely your hips, which is perfect to achieve your goals – to get wider hips! šŸ™‚


How often should you workout to notice the effect of wider hips?

Do the workout 5-6 times a week- it’s only 5 minutes, you can do that! 惄 If you’re advanced, you can use also ankle weights, which intensifies the workout by a lot!
As always: Focus on your targeted muscles while doing each exercise. The way you do those exercises is very important (quality over quantity!), so make sure you’re doing them right. If you’re not sure, google it beforehand.

Have fun sweating and feeling the burrrn in your hips!!! =)

Let me know which exercise you’ve liked most and if you have other exercises to recommend which help getting curvier and wider hips!

Xoxo, Mila


Note: If you feel pain during the workout, stop doing it and contact your doctor if needed. I’m not responsible for any kind of injuries. This video is just as an example. Make sure you do the exercises correctly, if needed inform about each exercise beforehand.


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